See what's happening from your iPhone or Smartphone

Today’s smartphones give us many possibilities that we wouldn’t even have dreamt about a few years ago. And this is especially true where your security is concerned.

The latest generation of digital recorders allows you to use your smartphone or iPhone to see through the security cameras installed in your home, office or commercial space. With a simple download from the App Store for your iPhone or Google Play Store Store for your Android you can see, from anywhere on the planet, exactly what your security cameras can! Imagine the options this gives you.

From your iPhone you can access the digital recorders; you simply need to input the IP, your username and password. Now you can see up to four different camera views on your iPhone and the programme even lets you manipulate Motorized Domos and, if you twist the screen 90º, you can see what the camera sees full screen.

For some time now Alarma Universal has been installing this type of digital recorders with this technology and we find that more and more clients are requesting this type of system knowing that they can see through their iPhone and smartphone exactly what their security cameras are looking at.


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