Why your alarm system should have a dedicated security guard service!

An alarm system without a security guard service may be a decision that you will regret in the future.

To put it frankly: It is illegal for a security company to call the police just to inform them that an alarm has gone off, so when a security company tells you that the police will come every time the alarm goes off, this is simply not true.

Before deciding to install a home or commercial alarm system from a company that does not have its own security guards at its disposal, you should carefully consider the consequences:

The most obvious: Will anybody actually come when the burglar alarm system goes off?

If the police are notified, you must ask yourself, in the midst of this serious panorama of threats provoked by terrorism and uncontrolled immigration, do the police not have more important things to occupy themselves with than a call from a security company that does not even have the personnel needed to do their job? Especially given that the company is legally obligated to verify the authenticity of the alarm before proceeding to notify the police.

On the other hand, who is going to let the police in when they arrive if there are no security guards there? You or another person who has been designated as the, let us say, “key holder”, will need to bring the keys. This person may then be put at risk, especially given the fact that he or she may arrive before the police. If the intruders are still at the property, there could be disastrous consequences when this person encounters the criminals alone without protection.

Finally, what will happen if the police respond to a call and it turns out to be a false alarm? The responsibility for improper use of public services lies not only with the security company that has mobilised them unnecessarily, but also with the user of the security system, who may be sanctioned with heavy fines of up to 30,000 euros. If there is a security guard there, this will not happen, as they will be able to verify personally whether the home security threat is genuine or not.

Security companies which do not offer their customers the most important element of alarm verification, a security guard service, attempt to persuade potential customers to install cameras as a replacement. It should be obvious that it is unsustainable and very dangerous to substitute a professional call out service for a camera, a family member, a friend or a neighbour.

Your home insurance will not cover damages caused by imprudence, so the costs associated with damages caused by a person who voluntarily offers to check a property without the police or a security guard present can be astronomical. In addition, the more efficiently you are able to verify an alarm, the more advantageous your insurance policy will be.

As you can see, buying an burglar alarm system without a security guard service could empty your pockets, and, even worse, put your family, a friend or a neighbour in danger.

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