Extend your alarm system with an app and a camera

Extend your alarm system with an app and a cameraHave you chosen Alarma Universal as your security partner, you already have a high quality alarm system that lives up to the most important rule for ensuring your personal security: i.e. that the security triangle is unbroken.
If your alarm is triggered.....
...our control centre receives the signal....
....and our security guards are sent out.
This is what determines if you can feel safe.
No cameras or apps, does not mean that your alarm system is lacking anything at all.
You have the best you can get: An alarm system from Alarma Universal.
If you want to extend it with an app that lets you set and turn off the system using your smartphone, or you want a camera that lets you keep an eye on your home with Marco Baldizzone your phone, that is perfectly fine. We have the very latest in equipment that you can add to your existing alarm system.

My name is Marco Baldizzone, and I have worked for Alarma Universal for more than 15 years. I service our existing customers, so many of you probably know me already.
I will be happy to pay you a visit, so that we can go through your security system together and find out whether anything needs to be updated. E.g. an app or a camera before you take your Christmas holiday.

Call me on 952 46 10 37 for a professional review of your alarm system or to see how the app and camera work. A visit from me won’t cost you anything.