Upon receipt of an alarm signal, Alarma Universal will dispatch our own security guards as the first responder to your property to determine the probable cause of the alarm. And then we call the Police!

We consider immediate reaction to any signal from your property as our most important task, therefore, your alarm system will be connected to our 24 hour control centre, from where we - in co-operation with the police - will react immediately and take every necessary step. This service covers the area between Málaga and Estepona.

As we offer our clients the unique ‘key service’ we are able to inspect your property carefully, as well as locking it up after an incident making sure that your home or business is secured.

Alarma Universal’s control centre fully complies with the strict security law, and is equipped with the most advanced technology to guarantee you maximum security.

But most importantly the staff at the control centre is a team of caring human beings whose mission is to take care of you and the things you care for.

Furthermore, we run checks on your connection to the control centre, and should technical problems occur, our technicians will take the necessary action.

This is your guarantee for the perfect function of your system.

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We do not just call the Police.

We dispatch our own security guards - and call the Police!