At Alarma Universal we work with a concept that is called the security triangle. It means that we dispatch one of our fully trained security guards as soon as we receive a signal from your property, from our own control centre - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The security triangle is a concept that was invented by Peter Nissen, the owner of Alarma Universal in 1986. It consists of:
  • Phase 1 - Detection: The alarm system at your property.
  • Phase 2 - Receipt of signal: The alarm signal received by our control centre.
  • Phase 3 - Reaction: The dispatch of our guards.
This is the cornerstone of Alarma Universal’s highly respected security systems.
An indoor burglar alarm is a good start, but with outdoor security systems, you and your family will be even safer. Our home alarm systems are designed to detect burglars before they have a chance to enter your home. This is especially important when you are at your most vulnerable: sound asleep and ignorant of the danger you could be exposed to. Alarma Universal’s outdoor security systems and CCTV cameras and video protection systems allow you to make sure your property has optimum cover, meaning that you and your home (or business) is as safe as possible.
Alarma Universal has over 30 years’ experience and technical knowledge, and we are well known within the security industry for providing tailor made apartment burglar alarm systems on the Costa del Sol. Our fully trained security advisors are up to date with the latest developments in home security. We also take into account the layout of your apartment, entry points and then decide on the best type of security system you require; allowing us to provide the best apartment alarm systems possible.
All of Alarma Universal’s alarms systems: apartment burglar alarm systems, security systems for villas, business alarm services, fog cannons, CCTV cameras and video protection products adhere to EU quality standards. In addition, to make sure you understand how our Alarma Universal security system operates, we also provide information, instructions and assistance in English, Spanish, German and Danish.
Yes. We offer the very latest in GPS technology. Alarma Universal’s GPS systems are connected directly to our control centre where it can be monitored 24 hours a day via satellite. At any time we can pinpoint the exact location of your car or boat. What’s more if they are stolen, the GPS system will allow the police to easily identify the rightful owner of the boat or car.
Alarma Universal offers a number of business security systems designed to provide secure and flexible access control for employees and deliveries. Our door entry systems can be programmed to allow different levels of access, and to monitor when anyone enters or leaves the premises. All of our systems are expandable and can grow with your business. They can also be operated from one or multiple locations. We can also provide access keys, cards, and biometric readers.
No. Alarma Universal’s fog cannons are completely safe for people and pets. They have very little smell and won’t sting your eyes. If a fog cannon goes off by accident you have a few seconds to vacate premises, after which you won’t be able to see anything, but it won’t damage your eyes.
No. The fog cannon is completely safe, it won’t mark or stain your furniture or floors. However, it will be necessary to ventilate your home (or business) afterwards in order to let the fog out.
It is not a matter of one CCTV camera and video protection system being more effective than the other. The type of system you choose will depend upon several different factors. For example, you may choose a CCTV system that can be monitored remotely, or business CCTV system which can be monitored by our 24-hour control centre. Alarma Universal’s highly trained security experts can visit your property and provide you with a tailor made business CCTV system or CCTV home system- designed to fulfil your specific requirements.
Yes, Alarma Universal offers a comprehensive range of alarm systems, CCTV (video surveillance systems with cameras and several recording and monitoring options) for protection of businesses on the Costa del Sol. CCTV is ideal for commercial premises, not only for your own benefit, but also for the sake of your clients and staff. Not every company is a typical robbery victim, but loss is known by almost everybody - in the shop, in the storeroom or over the counter. It is a huge problem, which results in the loss of billions of euros every year. Every business owner has the right to make sure that his loss is limited. Investigations show that surveillance by CCTV can reduce the losses by 50 to 70%. CCTV surveillance does not only monitor and video record the culprit, but is also an effective preventative measure.
Alarma universal offers the latest in safes and security boxes. We can provide the most efficient type of safe on the market - the cylinder box. It’s available in two sizes, quick to install, easy to camouflage and impossible to steal.
Yes. Not only do we have our own control centre, we also dispatch our own security guards upon receiving a signal from your property - thereby providing the optimum level of security in your home or business. With our unique ‘key service’ we are able to inspect your property carefully, as well as locking it up after an incident, making sure that your home or business is secured. Alarma Universal’s control centre complies fully with Spain’s strict security law, and is equipped with the most advanced technology to guarantee you maximum security. Furthermore, we run check-ups on your connection to the control centre, and should technical problems occur with your power supply or alarm system, our technicians will take the necessary action.
As part of our comprehensive security systems for private homes and businesses, we become the key holder so that we can respond should your alarm go off. It allows our security guards to gain access to your property, to investigate upon receiving a signal, to deal with any issues and then carefully secure the property before leaving.
The answer here is a big YES. Lately there have been many burglaries while owners are at home. Here at Alarma Universal we always stress the importance of connecting your security system whether you at home or away – especially at night. It is such a simple thing to do and yet so easy to forget. If you don’t do this, it could leave you vulnerable to determined and ever more sophisticated burglars.
No. Alarma Universal offers this service free of charge. We will send one of our highly experienced and trained security advisors to your home and give you a no-obligation quote. He will be happy to explain the various monitored security systems available, ranging from wireless house alarms, access control, CCTV (cameras and video surveillance) to fog cannons.
Categorically: No! This would be a very big mistake that could cost you dearly. In Spain it is illegal to call the police to a property when the alarm goes off without first verifying the situation. If the police are called to a false alarm you could be fined up to 30,000€. Alarma Universal’s alarm systems (both in private homes and at business premises) include security guard service (professional security guards will attend your property and, if required, they will call the police).
When your alarm is triggered, an intruder could still be on the premises, and that could put the key holder in serious danger when he enters the property to investigate. Whereas, if you install an alarm system with a security guard service, there is no need for neighbours, family members or friends to put themselves at risk.
Alarma Universal is based on the Costa del Sol, and has extensive experience in security systems for villas. Many of our clients require burglar alarms and other security systems for properties set in secluded areas. One of our fully trained security experts will visit the property to find the best and most secure solution.
Yes, we are proud to offer some of the best alarm systems for apartments on the Costa del Sol. First you will get a no-obligation free home security assessment by a fully trained security expert. You will receive advice on which type of alarm system will fit your home and requirements, including state of the art wireless alarm systems.
We recommend that clients carry out regular check-ups and call us every 2 or 3 months to check the detectors and remotes. Our control centre team will run check-ups on your connection and will alert our professional home security technicians to assess the situation and find a solution, should an error occur.