State-of-the-art GPS systems connected to our 24 hour control centre

GPS (Global Positioning System) can locate the position of e.g. vehicle or boat via satellite anywhere in the world.

The following features are just some of the advantages when a professional GPS system is installed in a car:
  • The client can obtain information about the exact location of the car.
  • Is the car stolen, the police can obtain information about the stolen vehicle, which saves time.
  • Is the car equipped with an alarm system, our control centre will automatically receive a signal.
  • Is the car involved in an accident, a sensor installed in the car will send a signal about the incident to the control centre, from where the necessary action is initiated.

Monitoring of fleet

For companies with a fleet of cars the GPS system offers many possibilities of controlling and improving procedures and use of the vehicles:
  • Immediate localization of the vehicles at any time.
  • Lists showing distance covered, time of rest, routes, speed, “forbidden zones” etc.
  • The client can order information about his fleet from the control centre or have the programme installed on his own computer enabling him to monitor his fleet at any time.

A state of the art GPS system is connected to our 24-hour control centre, the information we receive via satellite, allows us to pinpoint the location of vehicles and boats anywhere in the world.