“My name is Jan Due and I live in a detached house in Benalmádena.

We’ve had our alarm system from Alarma Universal installed since 1988, and I can still remember how impressed we were by the excellent work carried out by the technicians from the company. You have to remember that back then in 1988 the whole “mañana” thing was still very much the norm. You could be waiting for days at home for the builders, telephone repairman, and the like. And that was just the way it was. When we made the order with Alarma Universal and agreed on an installation date, they turned up exactly as promised. That was pretty surprising, just like the work they did. There wasn’t a single wire visible: everything was neatly installed inside the walls. It was a great bit of building work.

I’ve owned a few companies over the years and I can clearly see that the company Alarma Universal is run efficiently and professionally, and applies a very different philosophy to the whole “mañana” idea. That’s something you value greatly as a client.

I’ll tell you a funny story: when we recently renewed our alarm system with more up-to-date equipment, the technician who turned up was the same one who’d installed the original system in 1988. When he finished his work, he smiled and said, “see you in another 22 years!”

This is something that assures me that the staff from Alarma Universal are competent, stable people and as a client I find that very satisfying. The alarm system I have chosen transmits security and trust.

When you decide to invest in an alarm system the decision goes hand in hand with the annual costs you have to pay, equivalent to the insurance cover you hope you’ll never have to use. So is that the case? No, not at all. Bear in mind that for a relatively small amount your home is secure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a truly professional company that’s constantly keeping up to date on the latest products on the market, a company that’s at the cutting edge of the sector. The competence is regularly transmitted to us, the clients, through a newsletter, which is really interesting and keeps you informed about what’s going on.

The alarm system we’ve got installed at home also has an assault alarm and emergency calls for the fire brigade and ambulance service.

I myself had to use the ambulance service call for an urgent problem I had with my back. Everything worked perfectly. An employee from Alarma Universal was sat in the front of the ambulance to make sure they didn’t lose any time finding my house and accompanied me right to the entrance of the hospital!

If you trigger the alarm system accidentally the control centre reacts immediately, which makes you feel safe and confident and shows that there are staff there who are on the lookout and taking care of us. It’s a nice feeling.

In three years’ time, we’ll have been clients for 25 years. It’ll be something like a silver anniversary, right?”