My name is Jens M. Jensen and I’ve lived in my house in Fuengirola for more than 30 years.

When you’ve lived here for so many years, you hear and see a lot of things that make you think about your own personal security and the importance of having a security system that covers all your specific needs.

One evening, many years ago, I returned home to discover I’d been burgled, which made me look for an alarm system. I remember I thought about what it meant to suffer a burglary, with all the discomfort, cleaning up and the like, and decided to install an alarm. When you start doing this, you suddenly find yourself in a world full of surprises, offers, promises and services. For someone with no experience in this area, it’s difficult to evaluate how serious a company is in such a complex market.

My needs were clear, and I soon realised that Alarma Universal was a company that could completely cover all of them.

I want a security guard to come to my home when the alarm goes off, and I want them to come quickly. If I fall ill, I want a guard to come with the ambulance because they know the way to where I live, and also they have the keys to my house if I’m unable to come to the door. If there’s a burglary, if the electricity supply is cut off, or the telephone, or a water pipe bursts while I’m away, then I can count on the assistance of Alarma Universal. They’re on the lookout 24 hours a day and they’re in the area where I live.

If there’s been a burglary and the doors and windows are broken, Alarma Universal takes charge of fixing the damage, which gives me great peace of mind, even if I’m at the other end of the world.

I feel safe because Alarma Universal has an honest and competent policy towards its staff

It means employees are proud of the company they work for and, as a result they will do their best to solve their clients’ problems. When you’ve been a client of the company for years like me, and you know nearly all the staff, you feel like your family’s got a little larger.

Over the years I’ve been offered different solutions from other security companies that included listening devices and cameras so they could watch my home from a control centre in Madrid or India, or wherever. If the staff in the control centre think a burglary is underway then they’d call the police, who would eventually turn up if they had the time. All of the technical solutions that have been developed can’t replace my need to feel safe by being in touch with real people who respond immediately and help me in a moment of crisis.

I know that this personal contact costs money and it’s probably why companies have tried to eliminate the human factor and replace it with listening and recording devices. But it seems that this doesn’t bring the price down either. There’s no way these purely technical solutions can replace my need to feel safe if I can’t count on having a guard come to my house when the alarm goes off. I think that all of the other security solutions on offer are toys that are of no real use to anyone.

I completely trust Alarma Universal, and no salesman from another company with the ‘gift of the gab’ will make me change my mind.