My name is Lennart Haglund, and I am the Chairman of Sparbanksgruppen which is the largest owner of Swedbank – one of the biggest banks in Scandinavia. We have had a property in Spain since 2000, and for us it’s important to know, our holiday home is safe even when we’re back in Sweden. We have chosen to use Alarma Universal, as you are offering a service of very high quality and manage security in an exemplary way.

A few years ago, you called me to let me know that we had many power cuts, and you offered to replace the broken meter board that was the problem. Since, we've not had any power cuts at all. When we go to Sweden for longer periods of time you offer extra check ups on our property while we’re away.

Most recently, you helped us when we wanted to give a broker access to our property when we were not in Spain. You left the key at the broker’s office and made sure the alarm was off when he needed access and put it back on again after his visit. I asked you to do this over the phone, but you also wanted it in writing for security reasons. That makes me feel safe with you.”

Alarma Universal is much more than just a security company – you are a service company that provides quality service far beyond what can be expected from a security company, and we recommend you to everyone we know.