“My name is Miguel Ángel Álvarez and I am the director of Arena Home Care on the Mijas road.

My company specialises in providing integral consultancy services for businesses, individuals, foreign residents and self-employed workers, dealing with all of the administrative procedures they ask us to take charge of. As a result, we have a highly qualified staff consisting of lawyers, economists, accountants, land agents, etc., with the main objective of offering our clients the maximum quality of service.

The reasons for entrusting our security to Alarma Universal are:

•The confidence they transmit to us
•The high professional level of its employees
•The interest they show in their work
•The immediate response to any type of incident
•And, of course, the personalised attention received during the regular visits by our security consultant and company’s technicians.

In order to offer our own clients an optimum level of security for their official documentation, we have to have the guarantee that these are duly protected and safeguarded. Arena Home Care has to generate an atmosphere of trust with its clients and as a result we ask for the same commitment from our suppliers

This special relationship has led us to recommend the services of Alarma Universal to our clients who are interested in having a good security company for their homes or businesses.

In recommending these services we would like to draw attention to the fact that, like us, Alarma Universal deals with clients in their own language, generating greater trust and peace of mind. Additionally, I have personally entrusted the security of my home to this company for the last five years without any unpleasant incidents since then, and I hope to continue counting on their services for as long as they are necessary.

In conclusion, Arena Home Care, and myself on its behalf, would like to thank Alarma Universal and all of its staff for the dedication and daily efforts with which it provides its services.”