Outdoor security for your property in Mijas & Fuengirola, Malaga

Security is not only a question about an indoor alarm system.

Our outdoor security systems are designed to detect the burglar before he has a chance to enter your home - especially when you and your family are most vulnerable; sound asleep and ignorant of the danger you are exposed to.

The time the burglar has to enter your home is very limited, if you have a system which detects him as soon as he is in your garden. There is a better chance that our security guards or the police will catch the burglar - or the burglary will never even take place. And most importantly, you have had sufficient time to react to a situation like this.

There are many exterior alarm systems on the market; so let our security advisers help you to choose the one that covers your needs.

Behind a security system from Alarma Universal

you have a team of caring human beings.