“My name is Pernille Krøyer Dynesen and I’ve been a client of Alarma Universal for 20 years.

Every time I’ve changed house I’ve taken my alarm system with me.

My husband, Miguel Moreno and I, also have an alarm system installed in our business ‘Bionatura’ in Los Boliches.

I found out about Alarma Universal through my mother, who at the time already had an alarm system connected to the company’s control centre. In our first home, a terraced house in Campo Mijas, we didn’t have an alarm system as we thought it wasn’t necessary. We were wrong. After we were burgled we used the money from the insurance payout to buy an alarm system.

When we moved to a house on the Mijas road the builder had already signed an agreement with a different security firm that was based in front of our new home. At that time we were already sure we had chosen the best by contracting the services of Alarma Universal, so we cancelled the agreement with the other security company and installed an alarm system connected to the control centre of Alarma Universal.

I must say that over the years we’ve had a couple of false alarms by leaving a window open, and each time we’ve received a call immediately from the control centre which responded quickly and effectively. This gives you the peace of mind we expect from our security company.

Once, we returned home from a trip without our luggage which had been lost. The keys to the house were in the suitcase. Fortunately this wasn’t a problem, as Alarma Universal had a copy of our keys, and after calling the control centre they sent a guard with the keys in the middle of the night. It would have been difficult to find a locksmith at that time of night but fortunately it wasn’t necessary because Alarma Universal sorted out the problem.

A couple of years ago we built our ‘dream house’, and of course we wanted to install an alarm system. A security consultant from Alarma Universal came to the house and we explained to him that we didn’t want to fit bars on the windows as we wanted to enjoy the wonderful landscape around us and not live in a prison. He recommended that we install sensors on the doors and windows, which meant we could have the alarm connected while we were at home. Being able to move around the house freely knowing that the alarm will go off and help will arrive if someone tries to open a door or window, is really practical. It makes us feel very safe.

One evening, when we were having dinner away from home, the control centre called us. The alarm had been activated by a sensor on the bathroom window. They sent a security guard who told us through the control centre that the double-glazed bathroom window was broken. We decided to return home. When we arrived the guard was still there. He quickly told us what had happened and we could see that fortunately, the burglars had not entered our home. They had been surprised when the alarm went off as soon as they broke the first window and so they gave up and left.

I’m very satisfied with the service offered by Alarma Universal. Also, the fact that the staff is so professional and stable adds to the reasons why I’ve been a client of the company for 20 years.”