“My name is Salvador Moreno and I run “Estanco Moreno” in Avenida de Los Boliches.

For the last 40 years, this establishment has been selling tobacco and smokers’ accessories in the heart of this typical fishermen’s neighbourhood. Our professional relationship with Alarma Universal dates back 20 years: it was our first security company and still is today.

Due to the nature of this type of establishment we needed a highly effective, sophisticated alarm system capable of detecting intruders throughout the premises, particularly in the storeroom and areas that are open to the public.

From the very beginning we asked for the highest possible security levels and the company has always provided us with the best solutions at all times. For example, when we extended or remodelled the premises, or simply changed the furnishings, they informed us about the newest systems on the market allowing us to choose the best option. In my company we cannot take the risk of using low-quality material that has not been thoroughly tested or that is not suitable for the shop.

I am grateful to our security consultant for keeping me up-to-date on different alarm systems: cameras, fog cannons, state-of-the-art transmitters, etc.

This is extremely important and necessary due to the new threats that appear on a daily basis.

Looking back over the years of our professional relationship, I once suffered an attempted robbery: it was on the night of the attacks of September 11th so I remember the date exactly. The robbers tried to sabotage the siren outside the shop and another very important part of the alarm system that was being installed at the time. They did not expect the system to be armed: it responded by sending an emergency signal to the control centre of Alarma Universal. The security guard arrived on the scene immediately scaring off the robbers who fled before they were even able to enter the premises.

That night I felt very lucky, because my alarm system had prevented a very unpleasant situation.

I feel very satisfied and that’s why I had a system installed by Alarma Universal in my own home, and recommend that my friends and family do the same.

Today something that worries many business owners is the cost of the different services we have contracted. I have been able to verify that Alarma Universal has a magnificent quality/price ratio, which I greatly appreciate. I have had offers from other security companies, some with similar services, but always at a higher cost, or others with similar costs but very deficient services. I still think I chose my company wisely.

In conclusion I want to underline the fact that one of the most important factors for me in a professional relationship of this kind is the impression that Alarma Universal...

...transmits through its professional approach and desire for constant improvement, which is something tangible and makes me feel truly safe.”